Toxic Mold Problems in Schools
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A Brief Study on the Dangers of the Toxic Black Mold Species


Mold, a common term for fungus, attacks organic materials such as paper, books, cloth, photographs, leather, and wood.  Mold grows from spores, which are everywhere in our environment. Usually these spores are inactive, but they will germinate and multiply (grow) when the relative humidity exceeds seventy percent (70%) or if there is available water for mold growth from roof leaks or plumbing leaks. Temperature above 65 degrees increase the livelihood of mold growth.

There are more than 100,000 different species of mold in the world.  Neither animal or plant, molds are microscopic organisms that produce enzymes to digest organic matter and spores to reproduce. These organisms are part of the fungi kingdom, a realm shared with mushrooms, yeast, and mildews. In nature, mold plays a key role in the decomposition of leaves, wood, and other plant debris.  Without mold, we would find ourselves wading neck-deep in dead plant matter. And we wouldn't have great foods and medicines, such as cheese and penicillin. However, problems arise when mold starts digesting organic materials we don't want them to, like our homes.

Two of the worst features of mold spores are that: (1) they are very tiny and therefore hard to filter out; and (2) the spores are able to stay suspended in midair for hours and end, making them easily inhaled by building occupants. One effective way to kill all airborne mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and other germs inside your home or office is to use the Bio3Blaster ozone generator in your attic, basement, crawl space, garage, and all living areas of your home, apartment, office, or workplace.

What does mold need to grow?

For mold to grow, it needs all of the following:

  • Food Sources
    (such as leaves, wood, insulation, wallboard, drywall, carpeting, clothing, paper, and dirt)

  • A source of moisture for at least 24 to 48 hours. 

  • A place to grow.

How can mold become a problem in your home, office, or business?

Yes, if there is moisture available to allow mold to thrive and multiply. The following are sources of indoor moisture that may cause problems:

  • Flooding

  • Backed-up sewers

  • Leaky roofs

  • Humidifiers

  • Mud or ice dams

  • Damp basement or crawl spaces

  • Constant plumbing leaks

  • House plants -- watering can generate large amounts of moisture

  • Steam from cooking or boiling large amounts of water

  • Shower/Bath steam and leaks

  • Wet cloths or indoor drying lines

  • Clothes dryers vented indoors

  • Combustion Appliances (e.g. stoves) not exhausted to the outdoors.

You can also find more relevant information in the 2011 Edition of Mold Health Guide.

Please click on corresponding link to read mold review discussion. 

[Mold Health Problems] [Mold Spores] [Mold Health Symptoms] [Toxic Mold Species] [Mold Related FAQ]

[Mold Health Problems] [Mold Spores] [Mold Health Symptoms] [Toxic Mold Species] [Mold Related FAQ]

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